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At the forefront of commercial electrical solutions across Cleveland, Chattanooga, and surrounding areas, Allstar stands as your go-to team for business needs.

Our seasoned professionals excel in promptly addressing complex electrical challenges with unmatched expertise. Backed by full licensing and insurance, we specialize in efficient, code-compliant installations and repairs tailored specifically for commercial settings. We prioritize swift action, resolving issues or implementing preventative measures to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Reach out to Allstar today for dependable and cost-effective electrical services, trusted by businesses to power success.

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our services

Since we practically do everything, this list does not include all of our services. Please call us and get a free consultation.

our services

Since we do everything, this list does not include all of our services. Please call us for a free consultation.

― panel upgrades

― System Maintenance

― Bulb Replacement

― Ceiling fans

― Ballast Replacement

― Outlets

― Breakers

― Parking Lot Lights

― Diagnose & Repair

― Troubleshooting

― Expert Inspections

― Generators


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Your home's electricity matters, and as the city's top electricians, we will ensure your system runs reliably and safely. Contact us today for a free estimate so we can fit your budget. Count on us to keep your business powered up and secure!

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